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 Title:  Tatkal Ticket Reservations With Auto Order Extension


Train travel in India is an integral part of the cultural and economic landscape, connecting people across vast distances. However, there are times when plans are made at the eleventh hour, requiring a swift and efficient ticket reservation system. Enter Tatkal, a boon for those seeking last-minute train journeys. This article will guide you through the process of booking Tatkal tickets, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Understanding Tatkal Ticket Reservation:

Tatkal ticket reservation is a service provided by Indian Railways to accommodate passengers who need to undertake a train journey on short notice. The system allows individuals to reserve tickets one day in advance, excluding the date of journey, from the train's originating station. This quick reservation service is available for both AC and Sleeper classes.

Booking Timings:

The key to securing a Tatkal ticket is timing. The booking window opens at 10:00 am for AC class and 11:00 am for Sleeper class. This window is for reservations one day in advance, making it crucial for travelers to be prompt and prepared.

How to Book Tatkal Tickets:

  1. There will be one button with source to destination with date on the IRCTC website Click On that Button.
  2. Fill your train Details 
  3. Goto your train and selcet couch class and click Set For Tatkal button

  4. Select Button for start tatkal booking 

  5. Extension will start working and there is one timer will start running for the tatkal time
  6. Do not press any button if you click any button or link extenion won't work.
  7. If you want stop or change any things click Timer button and extension will stop working and you can change the train details. you can start again from the step 7 by clicking Start booking Tatkal ticket.

  8. Do not press back button otherwise you will be logout.
  9. Do not refresh the window otherwise you will be logout.
  10. Do not press same button multiple time otherwise you will be logout.
  11. Enter Captcha whenever requird.
  12. Please make sure you have verify your email and number in your IRCTC acount.

 **Limitations on Passengers:**

   - Keep in mind that Tatkal tickets have a limitation of only 4 passengers per PNR (Passenger Name Record).

 **Choosing Journey Date:**

   - Select the date of your journey. make sure your journey date is correct if old date is selected extensoin will use the current date.

 **Submit Details:**

before clicking submit makesure all details are correct.

   - Click on 'Submit' to proceed with the booking process.

Tatkal ticket reservation is a lifeline for those who need to embark on unplanned journeys. By following the steps outlined in this guide, travelers can navigate the Tatkal booking process with ease. Remember, being prompt, attentive to details, and prepared for the booking window is key to securing your Tatkal tickets and ensuring a hassle-free travel experience with Indian Railways. 

Warning :

We don't permit any bulk booking or any illegal use of Extension.

This extension is only to serve making tatkal ticket booking easy for the account holder, not used for reselling the ticket.

Any illegal activity can cause the IRCTC account ban or legal action can be take from IRCTC.

Click Button for IRCTC website 

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