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Please update extension if not working

A humble request to every user please just use the account, don't cancel membership or watch other premium videos.

If not working remove the extension and add again

Amazon account 1 ( active)

Amazon Stream account 2 ( not active)

Amazon Stream account 3 ( not active)

Amazon Stream account 4 ( not active)

Amazon Stream account 5 ( not active)

Amazon Stream account 6 ( not active)

Don't Watch other videos Otherwise you will log out automatically 

Please Please please rate us 5 stars on chrome extension store if it's work for you

How its work  Click Here To know more

  1.  Click Here to add the extension 
  2. add the extension and click on extension Icon 
  3. You will be redirected on this page 
  4. check on top Corner Extension Is active On Your Pc 
  5. Now Choose any Active Stream 
  6. Enjoy free Amazon prime Content 
  7. Note This work only in PC, not on Android 
This page is in under testing process.
Please Comment Your feedback if you found any problem, Feel free to ask any Question related to this Extension 


  1. who to start amazon prime free video

  2. it asks for sign in but your effort is very goof to bring this features freely to use

  3. Amazon Prime is not working.. but I really want to thank you for all the work.

  4. Amazon Prime is not working

  5. A really good effort but prime is not working

  6. First of all, Thank You very much for your effort. You are amazing.
    Now, after the extension has been updated, the Prime Video is logging me in as a user unlike before, which is great.
    But when I am trying to play any video(movies or tv-shows), it's showing this error

    Video Unavailable
    We're experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to

    I don't think it is a problem on their end, but if it is, then I guess it will sort out on it's own. But if isn't, please look into it.
    Again thank you for all your effort. You are doing a great service. :)

  7. Only link 3 works, not others


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